Codacide Reduces Waste

Codacide Reduces Waste

Safeguards Integrity: Codacide Oil maintains the integrity of spray products and assists reduce factors such as volatization, evaporation, alkaline hydrolysis, UV breakdown and photo decomposition – all elements that can denature and neutralize spray products. more

Reduces Drift: Water has a tendency to produce a wide range of droplet sizes. Small droplets are prone to drift, and large droplets are prone to bounce and target run-off. Codacide provides the ability to attain more uniform optimum droplet sizes, that reduces the number of driftable fines and the number of run-off prone large droplets. more

Confers Rainfastness: Rain and dew are one of the greatest reasons for spray wastage and reduction in their efficacy. Codacide Oil enhances the sticking tenacity of spray products, conferring on them a high degree of rainfastness. more

"For aerial application in east Africa ...reduces water volumes massively, and ... is a fantastic drift reducer….really important when so many of our large farms are bordered by high density small scale farmers." Kenyan Spray Pilot